About Us

Bright Tech Group of Technologies is a well known company with successful service of 16 years. We proudly provide Solar Power Plant, Solar Panels, Solar MPPTs, Solar Water Heaters, Sine Wave Inverters, Online UPSs, Offline UPSs and Various leading brands of Battery. We normally keep attention on providing products of high quality and reliability. We assure you that we will give you timely After Sale Assistance of skilled servicemen whenever you need.
In addition to providing various brands of Inverters and UPSs, we manufacture Sine Wave Inverter, Online UPS, Offline UPS and Solar MPPTs which have high quality in performance and reliability that the normal brands in the market cannot claim. Our products’ brand name is EDIXTM. You may just click to www.edixpowersystems.com for further information in this regard.

For further information, questions and queries please send an Email to brighttechpower@gmail.com, or call +91 8893889977, +919946505049.